Heili Presta est une entreprise familiale basée à Renens en Suisse. Nous sommes convaincus que la meilleurs façon de mettre les gens en lien c'est de les faire jouer ensemble. C'est pourquoi nous avons conçu une collection de jeux en bois avec lesquels nous animons des évènements : ainsi nous contribuons à plus de sourires et de joie sur la planète bleue !



Heili Presta is dedicated to capturing and executing our client’s vision through a customized game animation approach. We make events that cultivate community by bringing people together with games and our animation expertise.


Heili Presta dispose d'une collection de plus de 100 jeux en bois surdimensionnés ! Vite compris, ils ne prennent pas plus de 5 minutes à être joués. La plupart offrent différentes possibilités de règles (coopératives ou compétitives). Adaptés à tous les âges, ils réjouissent petits et grands !

Dans une vie antérieure, ce jeu a été une armoire à linge !


At Heili Presta, we’re very concerned about our environmental footprint. We try to give people a taste for sustainable leisure activities.

All our play sets are designed and manufactured within 200 km of Lausanne by us, by artisan friends and by a social reintegration association. They are made of solid wood, and several of them have been made from old, unusable furniture. To ensure a long life, they are protected by covers we sew from recycled fabric, and the pieces are neatly stored in organic cotton bags. During events, we display our games on attractive reusable cloth tablecloths.

In addition to sharing our games, we also practice car-sharing by renting a vehicle to get to each event, thus limiting our impact on the environment… while we wait for a regular collaboration with an institution?

Last but not least, we’re convinced that the best way to connect people is to get them to play together. At the heart of our work is the quality of social ties, both between players and with those involved.